The Grace Self-Care to do List

I understand my phenomenal ladies, we take on the world like true super heroes without the cape to save our co-workers, clients, customers, spouses, family members, children, our social committees we are an apart of. Even the strangers asking for directions when you are in a hurry. As we are working hard to land the next career promotion, finish that MBA degree, in addition to, being the best wife and mother in the world. Don’t forget to feed the dog or pack the kid’s lunches! OH, and make time to go to the what ……. “GYM”! The never ending to do list that waits for us and the guilt we feel because we believe that we are not doing enough or not good enough. Self-care also means choosing you first.

Hear me clearly ladies. You are more then enough, please give yourself grace. Breath and take a step back. If you are an empty tea cup then you can’t continue to pour into the other channels with goodness. So please don’t see self-care as a luxury, but as a need to be treated as a necessity. Do the small things that make you happy as your self-care-maintained routine that is geared to you. I have a few examples below that keep me nice, happy and sane! At A & S Life and Career Coaching LLC, we Individually customize your coaching program to your personal and career needs. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the A & S Life and Career Coaching blog on our website at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more career-related articles to help you on your employment journey. Thanks for reading!

  1. Purchase a foot spa, to soak your feet after a long day. They are very inexpensive.

  2. Soak with essential oils in a bath with some of candles you have laying around the house.

  3. Book yourself a professional massage in your local area.

  4. Read a great new book.

  5. Practice prayer, positive affirmations and meditation.

  6. Shopping therapy doesn’t have to be expensive. You can purchase a very small item you desire to treat yourself like Starbucks.

  7. Enjoy your favorite snack or movie.

  8. Cook your favorite dinner or order take out.

  9. Call up a good friend to chat.

  10. Speak to a Life Coach to help put your life into perspective and balance.

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