How to really enjoy your next Interview

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

We all have been their right? Super nervous at the job interview. Just the thought alone makes your stomach clench. On top of the fact their has been a global pandemic for the last 18 months impacting employment. So, you have to be very creative to stay competitive in the agile job market that is continuously evolving. As the Career Coach Professional and CEO of A & S Life and Career Coaching. I consistently tell my clients to tab into their super powers. By focusing on enjoying the interview experience. You must be wondering why? The more excited, and comfortable you are about enjoying the actual experience of learning, connecting with new people, the potential opportunity, getting dressed up etc. can naturally help calm your nervous. In reality this likely isn’t your first or last interview of your career.

So, you can start to realize this is the natural process of job seeking. I tell my clients to pretend there are at a dinner party. They are just a group of individuals that are trying to get to know and impress you. Who knows more about you then you right? Start to think about the interview environment as a learning opportunity to showcase your various accomplishments. The energy you choose to bring can speak volumes. So, let your best self-come through, and enjoy the interview. It doesn’t have to be dreadful, or uncomfortable. You alone can set the stage and control the narrative. Here are a few tips listed below that can greatly assist. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the A & S Life and Career Coaching blog at and following us on Facebook and Instagram for more related articles to help you on your employment journey. Thank you!

1. Wear something you feel amazing in. If you look great you will feel great, but ladies wear comfortable shoes, you don’t want to be distracted by your aching feet when conversing.

2. Don’t forget to smile with direct eye contact, let your authentic self-shine through.

3. Arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you don’t create any anxiety for the possibly of being late.

4. Use the bathroom right before the interview because nerves can sometimes create an upset stomach.

5. Its okay to laugh and complement someone, and accept a complement too.

6. Its okay to speak highly of yourself in a humble and modest manner. Employers want candidates to be confident in their own capabilities.

7. You want the hiring committee out of their numerous candidates to remember the joyful experience they had with you. To make that emotional connection to help schedule a second interview or propose the job offer!

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